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Chapter 050-51: Guild and Lynx Mutual AidAssociation

“I will be registering now, so I will be at the very bottom. I am a beginner after all.” (Hikaru)

“So you really are in the club club! What, are you the little brother of Rifreya-chan or something?”

“Well, something like that. And so, what’s this club club thing you are talking about?” (Hikaru)

“Clubs are what the newbies who swing around their clubs in the 1st Floor are called. Not to be rude here brat, but you should first learn how to dance with skeletons in the 1st Floor. In the dungeon, the ones who don’t know their limits are the ones who die first after all.”

I thought he was a problematic ruffian, but he was actually a normal old man that gave good advice.

I have seen several dead bodies of explorers in the 2nd Floor who didn’t ‘understand their own limits’.

People who didn’t have the combat capabilities to go to the 2nd Floor yet. Ones that came down alone. Ones that get lost.

That’s why this senior must be keeping an eye out for those newbies so that it doesn’t end up that way.

Polish your skills in the 1st Floor, gather party members, do the pertaining preparations, and then go to the 2nd Floor. At first, only explore the vicinity of the stairs, and after exploring moderately, return…

If you can’t do that, you are not fit to be an explorer.

“Thank you very much. I plan on getting a club after. Big sis here is simply guiding me here. She is a worrywart after all.” (Hikaru)

“Hooh, it is good that you are obedient. Well, do your best to not trouble your sister. Rifreya-chan as well, if you change your mind, party with us.”

The man left with a hearty laugh.

If he really was a problematic ruffian, I would have been fine with playing a fist fight, but he was just a good guy.

Well, thinking about it logically, there aren’t that many people who would cause problems in the very facility.

“Hikaru…what was that just now?” (Rifreya)

But it seems Rifreya wasn’t too pleased about this.

Well, it wasn’t manly after all.

“Hm? It is true that I am a beginner, right? I normally would have to begin by swinging around a club. If not for you, Rifreya, I did plan on doing that.” (Hikaru)

“You being my little brother…” (Rifreya)

“Lies are instruments. Those types of people just want to get involved, so it is pointless to take them seriously. Also, it doesn’t look like he was a bad guy or anything.” (Hikaru)

“I do understand that, but…” (Rifreya)

Rifreya locked arms with me conspicuously and led me to the counter.

Well, a brother and sister can lock arms…

The explanation at the guild counter was really business-like.

I ignored Rifreya who was sticking to me the whole time with arms locked, and properly listened.

I won’t lose to the questioning look of the guild staff member either!

Explorers begin from the Spiritus Rank. In numbers, it would be the 6th one.

The ID is bronze.

I have picked

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