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Chapter 080: Exclusive Chosen Bulletin Board JPN [No.1000 – Kurose Hikaru] 3308th

-409:Anonymous from Earth

The Garden Panther is super cool.

-410:Anonymous from Earth

A beautiful female warrior swinging a humongous sword against a giant white panther; that’s almost the stuff of legends.

-411:Anonymous from Earth

The amount of viewers has increased like crazy.

-412:Anonymous from Earth

The update of God that allowed us to at least see silhouettes in the darkness was big.

Or more like, there were quite a lot of requests for that, it seems.

-413:Anonymous from Earth

Milliestas is also dark as a whole, so it is hard to tell things apart there. I also sent a ticket for that.

-415:Anonymous from Earth

Man, I am impressed Hikaru managed to avoid that one.

What’s with that eye and body coordination?

-416:Anonymous from Earth

I would like them to also make it possible to see inside the darkness for past footage as well.

God should be able to do that, right?

-417:Anonymous from Earth

Chosen who battle really are popular.

Real battle really is stimulating on a whole other level.

-418:Anonymous from Earth

The slice-of-life Chosen are not bad either, but the Chosen that battle also have their own lives.

Or rather, there’s a balance between the two, and it even multiplies the amusement.

-419:Anonymous from Earth

I feel like PETA would explode from a video of an animal being hit by a giant sword.

-420:Anonymous from Earth

Hikaru has some courage there…

If that were me, my feet would buckle and I would faint.

-421:Anonymous from Earth

The Garden Panther is not only big, but also quick. It is normal to have an instinctive fear.

It normally would be impossible to fight a feline wild beast even if you have a few Spirit Abilities.

Moreover, that thing is bigger than a siberian tiger. That’s nuts.

-422:Anonymous from Earth

I feel bad for the scary-looking old man.

He was an actual good guy that gave advice to Alex and his party too…

-423:Anonymous from Earth

It is his fault for ignoring the warning of Hikaru.

-424:Anonymous from Earth

Grapefull-chan is seriously cute.

-425:Anonymous from Earth

I didn’t miss it.

The sight of Full-chan clinging onto Hikaru when the Garden Panther showed up…

-426:Anonymous from Earth

How did Hikaru know the Panther was coming?

-427:Anonymous from Earth

Don’t know.

Maybe he has the super senses that furries are said to have?

-428:Anonymous from Earth

“The thick scent of beast…!”

-429:Anonymous from Earth

Naruhodo (I don’t naruhodo at all).

-430:Anonymous from Earth

Isn’t it plain scary that you don’t leave a corpse in the dungeon…? There’s no glory to that…

-431:Anonymous from Earth

That’s why it is on the low stratum of jobs.

Even so, that way of dying…it really doesn’t feel real.

-432:Anonymous from Earth

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