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hitrshit > The Darkness Was Comfortable for Me > Volume N/A - CH 63
“This is a really long flight of stairs. You could do some stair exercise here.” (Hikaru)

I was making really stupid comments as I went down, and I finally catch sight of the end.

It at the very least felt like there was a lot more distance here than going from the highest floor of my school to the lowest floor. I think I went down more than 100 meters.

“…This is impressive. It is a sight that I would find hard to believe is inside a dungeon. The 1st Floor was impressive as well, but this one is on a whole different level. Wonder who made it?” (Hikaru)

There was a green garden at the end of the stairs.

The sky is cloudy.

No, it isn’t exactly a sky. It is just that it looks that way from the mist covering the ceiling.

There’s a strange light source, and it isn’t as dark as the 2nd Floor.

But the whole floor is ruled by a dense mist. The field of vision is bad.

I can only see around 100 meters ahead of me.

I see, so this is why it is the Straying Big Mist Garden.

I currently can’t tell if it has good compatibility with my abilities.

“Now then, let’s begin the exploration.” (Hikaru)

I am commenting in a lighthearted mood, but the truth is that I am pretty scared here.

An unknown floor.

I purposely didn’t even research what monsters show up here.

I haven’t prepared a Barrier Stone either.

Betting my life is the only way I can think of to get viewers after all.

“For now, let’s search around the area close to the stairs…” (Hikaru)

The 3rd Floor is far brighter than the 2nd Floor.

Rifreya and Grapefull said that this floor has good compatibility with my abilities, but I feel like it would look unnatural if I were to activate dense darkness.

Won’t it instead be bad compatibility…?

I feel like that’s the case.

I take out my freshly baked shortsword, take stance in a way that I would be able to enter battle at any moment, and slowly advance.

The Straying Big Mist Garden is just as the name states, a vast garden. There were traces of a water fountain made of stone on the way, and structures that were around 10 steps of stairs. A floor that’s made like a western garden.

When I went a bit further, the stairs I went down from were now out of sight. With this, even if someone were to be mapping things, they would still end up getting lost.

Also, I am obviously not mapping.

“There’s something there.” (Hikaru)

It is a monster. Also, a pretty big one.

There’s the chance that the other party will notice me if I close the distance too much.

It is important to observe your opponent at a certain distance. There’s no knowing what kind of enemy it is after all.

“That’s…a big fat man. I have not investigated the monsters of the 3rd Floor beforehand, so I don’t know what kind of monster it is, but it is big…and looks strong. A club that looks like a log. If I were to get hit by that, I would die instantly…” (Hikaru)

There’s big papers posted in

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