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Chapter 024: Different World Bulletin Board [Country: JPN – C]6211

-443:Anonymous from Earth

I imagined it, but everyone is having it rough.

-444:Anonymous from Earth

The food…

The japanese probably are on the advantageous side in that.

We are the type that can eat most of anything.

-445:Anonymous from Earth

There were too many Chosen who would go “I can’t eat something like this!” and would push the sandwich button.

-446:Anonymous from Earth

I feel a bit bad for the ones who can’t eat things because of their religion, but I also feel like they are a bit too strict on themselves right now given the situation they are in.

-447:Anonymous from Earth

There’s pretty tasty-looking stuff too…

There’s also the hygiene issue, so I can’t really say for sure it is safe though.

-448:Anonymous from Earth

In the end, modern people like us have to go to big cities in the isekai and buy expensive food.

-449:Anonymous from Earth

I didn’t imagine there were these many people who can’t eat grilled fish.

-450:Anonymous from Earth

It might just be an issue of their cooking though. If they had done it meuniere or frit, they would have eaten it…probably.

-451:Anonymous from Earth

It is apparently turning into a trend to say “That’s not pig, it just resembles it. Pigs don’t exist in isekais” to the people that can’t eat due to their religion.

-452:Anonymous from Earth

Aah, true. There’s no way they are the same.

We are talking isekai here.

-453:Anonymous from Earth

Spirit Stones come out from inside their bodies after all.

-454:Anonymous from Earth

Do Spirit Stones come out from the body of the Chosen too?

-455:Anonymous from Earth

Most likely. It should be safe to assume that their bodies have been remade to conform to the world there at the time they were transferred. They are getting powers using points, so their bodies are being modified in real time.

-456:Anonymous from Earth

How are the vegetarians doing?

-457:Anonymous from Earth

They are maintaining their vegetable diet decently well. There’s a good amount of edible plants there after all.

-458:Anonymous from Earth

There’s an abundance of food.

The survival difficulty is a lot lower than I thought.

-459:Anonymous from Earth

Most of the ones that got Random Transferred died though…

-460:Anonymous from Earth

That’s because they are idiots that jump into danger themselves. Idiots don’t survive. It was simply natural selection at work here.

-461:Anonymous from Earth

They are beginning at level 1. No matter if you are a warrior, mage, priest, or martial artist, you have to take it slow. Why can’t they understand that?

-462:Anonymous from Earth

There’s no cure for idiocyyyyyy!

-463:Anonymous from Earth

You are all flaming the hell out of them, but you had to use 30 points to avoid the random transfer, so I feel like it can’t be help

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