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Lorne had chosen to go offline not because he was afraid of the guilds.

Firstly, it was because of the high-intensity gaming process that his brain was a little tired. Now, he needed to rest appropriately. Otherwise, if he tired himself out, the consequences would be extremely troublesome.

Secondly, he thought the battle was meaningless.

In fact, with Rimuru’s strength, he could completely turn their camp upside down, but there was no need.

So what if he killed the other party?

He would just gain lots of sin points.


After all, if one had many sin points, their name would be red. At that time, they would not be able to enter the village or the main city.


In short, doing so would only affect his efficiency in leveling up and waste his time.

Lorne was not such a fool.

Not to mention that he had a debt to pay. For the past two weeks, he had been trying to earn money. First, he had to pay off his debts. Then, he would earn more money and find the best doctor in the world to treat Roanna.


As for other matters, he would avoid them if possible. He would not waste his time.


“Message reminder: Your account ending with digits 1244 has been transferred 45,000 alliance dollars today. (Virtual Bank of the Divine Realm)”

The moment he went offline, a panel popped up on the watch in his hand, showing today’s income information.

The original transaction amount was 50,000, but in the end, he only got 45,000.

This was because using the online trading of “Divine Realm” required paying 10% tax, so 5,000 dollars was deducted.


Fortunately, there was no need to pay any fees to withdraw funds from the Divine Realm Virtual Bank. Otherwise, he would have lost another portion of his money.

In addition…

When Lorne went offline, he did not convert the gold coins on him.

This was because one gold coin from the Exchange System of the Divine Realm was only worth 1,000 alliance dollars, which was five times lower than the price on the black market.

Of course, he would not want to suffer such a loss.

“It’s already 10 pm?”

Only then did Lorne realize that he had made 45,000 in less than ten hours!

This income was higher than most people living in the Energy Zone.


Not to mention the equipment and pets he had.

If he counted all of them, his income today would probably exceed ten million. After all, Rimuru was a Bronze-Grade Boss. Just its value alone should be worth a million, or even ten million.

At the thought of this, Lorne finally relaxed.

He took a shower and changed into a comfortable new set of clothes before heading out to finish his dinner.

He had made a lot of money today, so he wanted to reward himself a little.


Lorne found a restaurant with a good environment and sat alone in the corner. He ordered a recommended set meal. There was no need for red wine; he was not that extravagant.

Seated on

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