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The wings of a demonized pheasant?

Lorne, crouched near the corpse, paused.

What he had just obtained was not a high-grade material, but this body part was very special.


It corresponded to flying!

Could it be that by using it, the monster could fly?

Like… the slime?


It was too beautiful to imagine.


As a blob of liquid, the slime could not merge with the wings.


The two were too different. Even if they were combined, the compatibility would be very low.

Shaking his head, Lorne reconsidered.

Finally, he looked at the other demonized pheasants.

“If another demonized pheasant also gives me its wings, I will have four!”

“Four wings…”

“It sounds powerful!”

Lorne nodded in agreement.

In other books, there were always Four-Winged Angels, so when he thought of Four-Winged, he subconsciously felt that they were very powerful.


It was not an expensive material anyway. He would just treat it as an experiment.


With that in mind, Lorne attacked another demonized pheasant.

In order to turn monsters into materials that could be synthesized, one had to reduce their HP to 5%, so that the simulator would determine that they were in a state of near death and were suitable for synthesis.

Slam! Slam! Slam!

The three slimes surrounded the demonized pheasant and quickly subdued it.

At that moment, Lorne walked up.

He decisively activated the merging skill.


“Monster [Demonized Pheasant] has been confirmed as the prototype material. Please confirm other materials.”

“Demonized Pheasant’s Wing.”

There was only one part in Lorne’s bag.


“A monster prototype and material have been identified. The synthesis formula is: (Demonized Pheasant) + (Demonized Pheasant’s Wings) = (???)”

“The cost is 40 bronze coins. Would you like to merge?”


40 bronze coins? It was not cheap.

Lorne was a new player. After some expenditure, he only had 42 bronze coins left from his original 1 silver coin. Two bronze coins had been obtained after killing the pheasant.

After some consideration, he used them.

It would be easy to earn bronze coins in the future. After all, he could create powerful pets, so he did not have to worry about farming monsters.

“Merge!” Lorne ordered.

Then, a familiar light appeared.

This time, the magic circle was more complicated. Perhaps due to the difference in the monsters, the difficulty of the fusion was also different.

In the brilliant light, the pair of wings turned into light and poured into the demonized pheasant. Then, they gradually fused together.

Soon, there were sounds of completion.


“Merging successful!”

“Congratulations on obtaining an Ordinary Monster—Four-Winged Demon Chicken!”

Four-Winged Demon Chicken?


It seemed to be something extraordinary.


Lorne’s eyes lit up as he felt he got lucky.


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