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“Damn! Why did the elf girl go to that guy?”

“What’s going on?”

“This is the first time that an elf girl is so proactive, right? Why? Just because he’s handsome?”

“This guy is too lucky to have received a hidden mission from the elves!”

Seeing this situation, the surrounding players discussed.

They tried countless times, but to no avail.

However, this guy actually made the elf beauty take the initiative to find him. It was simply enviable.

“Stop! You’re not allowed to leave!”

Suddenly, a team blocked his way.

The leader was the Sunset Guild player who had given the elves 10 gold coins for nothing.

He blocked in front of Lorne and said with an unfriendly expression, “Friend, how can you do this? This is our guild’s NPC.”

Hearing this, the surrounding players called him shameless.

Everyone had seen what had happened.

It was the beautiful elf who approached the player, but now, he said that Lorne snatched the NPC. He was simply distorting the truth.


Although they thought so, no one dared to stand up for justice.

Most of them were solo players, so they did not dare to offend a huge guild like “Sunset”.

“This is troublesome. That player is being watched by the members of the Sunset Guild.”

“Sunset Guild has 100,000 members. Who dares to provoke them?”

“These guilds are really shameless!”

“Get used to it.”

“How unfortunate. He finally obtained a hidden mission but got targeted by a large guild. I don’t know if he’s lucky or unlucky.”

“I reckon that the members of the Sunset Guild will let him share the mission and team up to complete it. After completing it, there’s a high chance that they will take all the rewards.”

The players discussed softly, but no one dared to speak up.

“What do you want?” Lorne glanced at them calmly and asked.

When he had left the Beginner Village previously, these guilds had sent congratulatory messages and even created a beautiful farewell party.

Lorne had thought them friendly and good players.

But now?

It seemed that he was too idealistic.

“What do I want? I should be the one asking you that.”

“Everyone saw it just now. I used 10 gold coins and was about to take the mission. In the end, you stood up and snatched our NPC. Now, you’re asking us what we want?”

The Sunset Guild player laughed fearlessly, then carried his saber and moved close to Lorne, whispering, “Brat, you’d better be sensible. Otherwise, if you offend our Sunset Guild, a mere Summoner like you can forget about playing this game!”

To a large guild with 100,000 members, how could they fear a mere solo player?

Furthermore, he was a Summoner.


The corners of Lorne’s mouth curled up, “Did your guild leader agree to this?”

“Heh, interesting. You want to use our guild leader to scare me?”

The team leader of the Sunset Guild was not afraid at all. He smiled and said, “Don’t try that. If you

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