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Chapter 72: The Test from the Dragon of Light

When they neared the core region of the church, even Leisha could not set foot there.

Lorne walked alone through the long corridor.

In the end, he arrived in an extremely huge hall.

What appeared before him was a huge hall with a radius of several hundred meters.

It was like a square.

There was nothing around them, only white stone pillars and pale golden flowers.

As he surveyed his surroundings, the space in the hall suddenly distorted, and then a grand light shone. In the gentle light, countless holy light feathers fell. Then, huge holy dragon wings flapped, and an incomparably huge dragon descended in the hall.

“Young adventurer, your growth is much faster than I imagined.”

The Dragon of Light looked at Lorne with its golden eyes and said solemnly, “However, this is not enough to control the power of the Divine Radiance.”

“Please enlighten me, Dragon God.” Lorne said respectfully.

Although he was invincible among the players, in front of this Dragon of Light, such a level was nothing to be proud of.

The Dragon of Light looked at him in satisfaction and asked, “Young man, do you know the true origin of the Divine Radiance?”

Where did the Divine Radiance come from?

Lorne was just a new player who had just entered the game. How could he know the origins of such a high-level power?

As such, he shook his head.

“The Divine Radiance is the origin power left behind by the Divine Dragon of Order before it sacrifices itself.”

“If we can master all its energy, it will be equivalent to possessing the supreme power of the Divine Dragon of Order.”

“However, after countless years, this power of origin gradually dissipated, and it was shattered one after another by huge battles, causing this power to gradually lose its original divine power.”

“Fortunately, the first Dragon of Light figured out a way to preserve the Divine Radiance and gradually nourish it.”

“That is to use faith!”

“The power of faith produced by the billions of creatures of the Order faction is the best nourishment for the Divine Radiance. It can maintain the Divine Radiance for countless years and even make up for a portion of its deficiency.”

“This is also the reason why the Church of Light was born.”

“Today, the Divine Radiance has gradually grown stronger, but unfortunately, in this day and age, no one can control this power anymore.”

“The Dragon of Light has always been the one with the greatest hope of controlling it, but over the years, no one has really done this.”

“Therefore, I have to look for other users.”

The Dragon of Light explained the situation.

Finally, its gaze refocused on Lorne, and it asked him in an authoritative voice, “Young adventurer, are you willing to accept this challenge?”

As soon as he finished speaking, at the same time, a warning system notification sounded.


“Game Announcement: Your answe

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