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Chapter 66: Crushing the Boss with Strength

“Small Artillery, Venom, attack with all your might!”

“Rimuru, block it!”

Lorne moved away from the center of the battlefield and stood far away, watching the fiery battle ahead.

In fact, the moment he used the skill to attack but had not dealt any damage to Lorne, the outcome of the entire battle had been decided.

The Demon Soul King was forced back by the three pets.

It could not last long against the 910 points of attack.

Soon, its health was depleted.

Lorne had no intention of using it as a merging target.

The Demon Soul King’s attributes were very ordinary in all aspects.

If not for the fact that it was in the Dark Forest, its life-recovery skill would have been useless, so it was just a monster with no outstanding qualities.

What was the use of it?

Without hesitation, Lorne commanded his pets to attack this ‘friend’ in the most brutal way possible.

“Wait… Adventurer…”

Sensing Lorne’s killing intent, the Demon Soul King fell from the sky and knelt on the ground without dignity. Then, it looked at Lorne with a pitiful expression and begged, “Master Adventurer, I’m just a lost soul, a pitiful person who died once. Please let me go. You will not gain anything by killing me. Why don’t you let me go and I’ll give you all my treasures?”

“Then what are you waiting for?” Lorne glared at it while asking.

“Yes, yes, yes. Please wait a moment, Master.”

The Demon Soul King waved its hands. In the next moment, countless gold coins rose from the soil in the forest and gathered in front of Lorne, forming a small golden mountain.

“These are the gold coins that I collected. It’s exactly 300 gold coins.”

300 gold coins meant 1.5 million alliance dollars. This harvest was much higher than killing a Boss.

That was not all.

In the next second, a few pieces of glowing equipment appeared in front of Lorne.

The Demon Soul King said, “These are the equipment dropped by the adventurers who passed by the forest. There were originally more, but after too long, many of the equipment have become unusable.”

That was it?

Lorne checked the details of the equipment and found that they were only ordinary Silver and Bronze items.

Lorne’s expression remained cold, “You don’t think these things can get me to spare you, do you?”

Although the items were not bad, it was not enough for an old monster who had lived for a thousand years.

With that, Lorne had Small Artillery raise the bow in its hand.

“Spare me, adventurer, spare me.”

Feeling the threat of death, the Demon Soul King trembled and quickly took out its last treasure. “Adventurer, there’s another treasure here, it’s something that was left behind a thousand years ago.”

It was a feather without any light. It was half a meter long and covered in black blood.

Although there was no effect, any player could tell that it was a very rare material.

Lorne held

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