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Chapter 49: Orange Skill! Hellhound Summoning!

Because “Divine Realm” was released by the World Federation and was directly linked to real money, the virtual game received worldwide attention.

Today, because of the sudden announcement, all the players in the world were riled up.

Almost everyone was searching for information regarding [Tyrant].

On the various search platforms, the search numbers for terms like [Tyrant’s Team] and [Nightmare First Clear] suddenly increased by tens of thousands of times.

On the forum, there were thousands of topics discussing Tyrant.

Everyone wanted to know his true identity.

But in the end, there was no result.

No one knew who Tyrant was. They only knew that he had used more than half an hour to clear the most difficult Nightmare Mode Dungeon of “Divine Realm” and create an impossible legend.


“You used 10,500 experience points to raise your pet [Fire of Death (Small Artillery)] to Level 5.”

“You used 13,500 experience points to raise your pet to Level 6.”

“You used 16,500 experience points to raise your pet to Level 7.”

“You used 19,500 experience points to raise your pet to Level 8.”

“You used 22,500 experience points to raise your pet to Level 9.”

“You used 25,500 experience points to raise your pet to Level 10.”

“Prompt: The pet is unable to surpass the level of the Summoner. Please try to level up.”

In the dungeon hall, Lorne obtained a large amount of experience, which he used to level up his pets.

The level of “Small Artillery” directly reached 10, which cost a total of 108,000 experience points.

However, to his surprise, Lorne still had more than 70,000 experience points left.

This was because the first clear reward earlier gave him 50,000 experience points. Then, the clearing reward was 10,000 experience points, which added up to 60,000 points.

The Summoner had a special EXP gain mechanism.

With the experience buff of four pets, Lorne gained an additional 200% experience.

Therefore, in the end, he obtained 180,000 experience points.

After leveling the Fire of Death, Lorne gave the remaining 80,000 experience points to Source of Poison.

The EXP needed to level up a Boss was too great, it was far inferior to the temporary benefits gained from leveling up other pets. Therefore, leaving Rimuru to level up in the end was the best choice.

“Releasing pets is too costly.”

“If only I had a tool that could extract experience points.”

Looking at the new pet, Lorne thought of the Giant Axe Minotaur that had been released.

Previously, the minotaur was Level 10, which also consumed a lot of experience.

However, because it was released, the EXP on it could not be recovered, so all the EXP was wasted.

From this, it could be seen that it was best not to change the pets of Summoners too frequently.

Otherwise, just the cost of leveling up would make one spend several times more time

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