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Chapter 50: Massive Sales, Earning a Million Every Day!

He had obtained a powerful skill but could not learn it immediately.

To be honest, Lorne felt terrible.

However, in the end, he could only sigh. This was the rule of the game. It could not be easily broken.

Lorne could only focus on the other rewards.

For example, the free attribute points.

He was given 10 points as the clear reward.

However, with all attributes+10 from the baptism of divine force bestowed by the Dragon of Light, he basically gained 50 points of stats.

After adding the free attribute points in his own way, Lorne’s attributes increased significantly again.


ID: [Tyrant]

Class: Apprentice Summoner

Level: 10

Talent: [Monster Merging Simulator (???)]

HP: 1440 / 1440 (760 ↑)

MP: 1300 / 1300 (850 ↑)

Magic Attack: 298-596 (80 ↑)

Magic Resistance: 84 (55 ↑)

Physical Resistance: 93 (26 ↑)

Speed: 37.8 (4.4 ↑)

Attributes: Constitution 93, Strength 15, Spirit 65, Intelligence 35, Agility 51

Free Attributes: 0

EXP: 9155

Reputation: 3,500

Dragon Race of Order Reputation: 100

Luck: 5

Possession: 20 Gold Coins, 45 Silver Coins, 11 Bronze Coins.


These were Lorne’s attributes.

Compared to his own pet, such attributes were very ordinary.

He was inferior to even the lowest quality creature, Little Mantis.

However, to the players, such attributes were extremely powerful.

Perhaps they wouldn’t even dare to imagine that they could have such magnificent attributes at Level 10.

While checking the attributes of the character, Lorne also glanced at the situation in the pet space.


Pet Space:

[Slime King, Alchemy] (Rimuru): Level 5 (0 / 22,500)

[Death Scythe Mantis] (Little Mantis): Level 10 (0 / 38,000)

[Fire of Death] (Small Artillery): Level 10 (0 / 57,000)

[Source of Poison] (Venom): Level 7 (0 / 19,800)


If the Summoner wanted to change his class successfully, he had to raise all his pets to Level 10.

Lorne let it go for the moment.

Because there were still some equipment left behind by the undead mage on the ground.

As the final boss of the dungeon, the undead mage dropped a lot of equipment.

There were five Bronze items and two Silver items.

Unfortunately, there were no parts of the Sage Set among the Silver-grade equipment.

The attributes were also very ordinary.

Lorne did not like these things now, so he threw them into his bag.

“The Enhancement Gems are not bad.”

In addition to the equipment and gold coins, a few transparent gems dropped on the ground.

This was a material used to enhance equipment.

Unfortunately, they were all Bronze-grade gems and could only strengthen Bronze-grade items.

Lorne was not very interested in them. After all, all his core equipment was Silver-grade, and there was no need to strengthen Bronze-grade equipment.

He put away all the gem

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