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The mantis’s arms were powerful weapons. What if it combined with the scythe?

It seemed possible.

However, attack-type pets had to be equipped with high movement speed.

Therefore, he had to give it a body part that could increase its speed.


What part should he use?

Lorne checked his bag. There were a lot of materials inside, all of them from when he had killed the monsters in the forest.

“If it’s speed, this seems pretty good.”

There was something about the creature that made a deep impression on Lorne. It was not particularly powerful, but it moved with incredible speed.

If he used it to synthesize with the mantis monster, the result would be very good.

With a confident nod, Lorne removed the odd half of the corpse from his pouch. It had long, slim legs and a long, narrow tail.

This was the back half of a lizard. Perhaps because its talent was concentrated there, so when the material dropped, half of its body dropped.

“The mantis plus the lizard, this is a completely different species. Will it succeed?”


Lorne frowned.

This time, his idea was more bold. Not only did he use different monster body parts, but he also used many materials.

In the past, the synthesis only used a single body part material, and the result was basically satisfactory.

This time, though, Lorne wanted to combine two parts.

He was not confident.

“It doesn’t matter. We still have to try. It’s just a waste of materials and gold coins at worst.”

He comforted himself, then turned to his pets. “Little ones, get to work.”

The pets that received the order immediately rushed up. The monsters in the Beginner Village could not affect them at all, not to mention that there was Rimuru behind them. It was a Bronze Boss-level pet.

The Two-Headed Demon Hound moved the fastest. It was the first to close in on the enemy. The two beast heads bit down at the same time.



Two damage numbers popped up, dealing exactly 20 damage.

This was because the Two-Headed Demon Hound was only level 1. It was almost impossible to deal effective damage to a level 10 monster.

The mantis monster, who had been attacked, was completely enraged. It let out a strange cry as its sickle arms quickly slashed across the Two-Headed Demon Hound’s body.


The sharp blades broke through the fur of the Two-Headed Demon Hound, and its crimson muscles were immediately exposed, blood dripping onto the ground.

The Two-Headed Demon Hound let out a howl and quickly retreated from the battlefield.

However, the HP above its head decreased by a large amount.


A triple-digit amount of damage floated in the air.

This was normal.

After all, it was a high-level attack type monster. It would be strange if the damage was not high.

The corners of Lorne’s mouth curled up after seeing this.

To him, the stronger the monster, the more powerful the pet would be. Moreover, he w

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