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Mission: [Explore the Valley of the Dead]

Requirements: Clear the ‘Nightmare-difficulty’ Instance Dungeon of the Valley of the Dead.

Reward: Unknown.

Description: Priestess of Light, Leisha, has commissioned you to explore the deepest part of the Valley of the Dead. After completing the mission, you will receive a generous reward.


Yes, that was right. The mission requirement was to clear a Nightmare Dungeon!

That was the most difficult dungeon!

There was another bad news too.

When he was checking the information of the dungeon earlier, Lorne realized that every player only had one chance in a nightmare-difficulty dungeon.

In other words, he could not fail, or else he would lose the unique hidden mission.

He was not worried about that. Ever since he had the Monster Merging Simulator, Lorne had felt that there was no mission in this world that he could not complete.

If there was, then no other player would be able to complete it!

This was his confidence.


Now that he had accepted the mission, it did not seem right to leave just like that.

It was an opportunity for Lorne.

After some thought, he looked up and said, “As a brave adventurer, it is my duty to fight the darkness, but I am too weak to do so. I seek the help of the priestess.”


He wanted a reward before completing the mission?

Was it appropriate?

The priestess looked at him oddly, but Lorne did not seem to notice.

“With my current strength, I can explore the Valley of the Dead and am confident enough, but your request is to explore the deepest part of the valley. I’m afraid that my strength is not enough to do that.” With a disconsolate expression, Lorne voiced his concerns.

Priestess Leisha thought about it. Considering that the Valley of the Dead was indeed too dangerous for the current adventurers, it was best to provide help so that he could investigate the situation in the valley as soon as possible.

“What do you want?” Priestess Leisha decided to help him.

After hearing this, Lorne was overjoyed: “As a Summoner, I want to have more pet spaces.”

“The tool to open up the pet space is very precious. I don’t have it on me for the time being, but your level has already reached Level 10. I can help you activate the pet space you can obtain after changing your class in advance. Is this okay?” Priestess Leisha gently asked.

However, there was nothing Lorne could do about it. He had originally thought that he would be able to obtain an additional pet space, but who would have thought that she would only help him activate the original pet space in advance? How was that any different from no reward?

“Forget it.” Lorne shook his head, “Priestess, do you have any useful tools you don’t need, such as the limbs of monsters or their sabers, swords, or wands?”

Monster limbs?

Upon hearing this, Priestess Leisha frowned slightly. In the end, she nodded and said,

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