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"And you intend to prove this," Turner said, "to Juhle's satisfaction? Right here, right now. How do you intend to do that?"

"By comparing the stories you've told and seeing where they don't agree. But also, a little bit," Hunt replied, "by the process of elimination. You, for example, Mr. Turner. Mr. Mugisa drove you home right after the COO meeting on the night Nancy Neshek was killed. You've got your son and your wife and the other kids who were there building their homecoming float who will swear that you were with them until you went to bed. No one's suggested that you've done anything different, and you can prove that. So you didn't kill Ms. Neshek, and therefore you didn't kill Dominic."

Turner sat back, shaking his head in derision. "Well, of course I didn't. The idea's ridiculous."

"The whole concept is ridiculous," Jaime Sanchez said. "Lola and I went to dinner after that meeting, and then home together."

"Where did you go to dinner?" Hunt asked.

"The Hayes Valley Grill. We walked there from City Hall. They know us there. I'm sure I'll even have a credit card receipt."

"And after that?"

"Jesus Christ!" Turner raised his hands as if in exhortation. "Inspector Juhle, is this the kind of questioning that Mr. Hunt thinks is going to get us anywhere? Do you have any reason to believe that Jimi and Lola Sanchez are any kind of even potential suspects in either of these murders?"

Juhle said, "No, sir. No, I don't." He turned to Hunt. "If this is your idea of breaking the case, Wyatt, maybe you should send these good people home and let me go about doing my job, which is arresting my suspect."

Hunt kept his cool. "Mr. Sanchez," he said, "my apologies to you and your wife. I was using you as an example of Mr. Turner's point about the process of elimination, which I think we can all agree is not too satisfying. Far better is the question of the information we've received, and where what one person told us is contradicted by somebody else." Now Hunt turned in his chair. "For example, Mrs. Como. You told me that your husband was in love with Ms. Thorpe and that-"

Ellen cut him off and snapped back at him. "He was. He told me. There wasn't any doubt about that."

"No, not about that bare fact. Your husband was in love with her, okay. But Alicia swears that they didn't have a physical relations.h.i.+p."

"Well, she's lying. What do you expect?"

"I'm not lying," Alicia said, as Roake put a restraining hand on her arm.

Hunt turned to Ellen and went on. "How do you know Alicia's lying?"

"Because they were caught in the office."

"Making love, you mean?"

"f.u.c.king, is what I mean. f.u.c.king is what they were doing, not making love. Don't try to dignify it."

"And where were they doing this?"

"What? What do you mean?"

"I mean, physically, where were they having s.e.x in the office when they were caught?"

"I don't know. How would I know?"

"So how did you know about it

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